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The AIA Da'wah Academy, commonly known as the AIA-DA, was founded to facilitate a greater understanding and awareness of the teachings of Islam and how to live in this world . It aims to educate people from all walks of life, and especially young Muslims, in all aspects of their religious development. Since its inception in 1991, the AIA_DA has grown into an internationally recognised institute of academic excellence and religious revival. , the AIA_DA has continued to progress to achieve its aim of helping to create the Muslims of tomorrow.At present the AIA_DA provides a multifaceted service catering for the diverse and unique needs of Muslims living in the world. Throughout the years, the AIA_DA has targeted its activities primarily at the Muslim youth, who traditionally lacked access to Islamic services. Via its various projects and schemes the AIA_DA continues to strive to help the new generation of Muslims channel their energies and capabilities appropriately; enabling young people to become individuals who are assets for society as a whole. The responses received from the AIA_DA’s various beneficiaries and the endorsement of the AIA_DA’s work by leading scholars of the Islamic world is, alhamdulillāh, a sign that facilities such as the AIA_DA’s are an essential contribution to current Islamic services.